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Popin' Taco


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Where am I?

03/03/02 I am back in the states, back home from Paris, France and will be for about a month or 2. I'll post to tell you when I will be leave from the states again.

03/15/02 Sorry for the late update but I will be leaving the states on 03/20/03 and will be heading for Sweden. I will be in Sweden for about 3 weeks.

06/26/02 Sorry its been so long since the site has been updated but I'm back in Long Beach and here to stay until the next job comes along.

07/15/02 The site has just been updated and some more pictures where put on. I'm leaving to Boston on the 27 of July. Then I'm Leaving to Korea on August 1st. Then I'm going to London in September.

10/13/02 My new email address is posted. Babywave is no longer my email address anymore. Nov. 1st, I'm going to New York City with the Electric Boogaloos and then Dec. 20, I'm going to London.

12/24/02 Merry Christmas everyone and I am finally getting back on here after being in the air and on the road for a couple of months. I just returned from Japan on the Dec.17. I will try to add more pictures in the next couple of days or so but until then one love to everyone and once again Merry Christmas and God Bless. 

02/08/03 I am in Paris as of now. I will be returning i believe on Monday Febuary 10. I will try to post some new stuff on here as soon as I can. But until then one love to everyone and keep dancing.

06/02/03 Just saying Hi to everyone and I will be leaving LA on Tuesday JuNe 3rd. GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND ONE LOVE