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Popin' Taco


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        Here's a brief summary of my life with popping. I was about 8 years old when i got into the robot. I was looking at books, magazines, and of course Marcel Marso (The worlds greatest Panaming). Also there was a duo with a husband and wife called robert sheilds and his wife. They were the first manican robots that I ever saw. This was going on since the 1970's during the disco era. Around 1969 there was a group called "the lockers" which was the first street dance of this form. A lady by the name of Toni Basail, who is a singer, director, and chorographer is the one who first saw locking in a disco and she approched a gentleman by the name of Don Cambell, who is the one who created the style "locking". Toni asked Don "would like to teach me some locking and ever since then she became one of the lockers. She was the first one to put street dancing of this form on television. She is a pioneer of MTV. So if it wasn't for Toni Basail street dancing would have not gotten this far. Also the Electric Bogaloo's she helped.

                    Speaking about the Electric Bogaloo's. Around 1975, there was a guy by the name of Bogaloo Sam. Around this time there was a style that was called sticking and Bogaloo Sam created a whole style, which became known as Bogalooing and Popping by rolling his knees, his legs, his hips, and his upper body forming a whole new style as you know it today. And you know Pop N Pete developed a whole new style called crazy legs, shoot downs but Pete was known for his unique "STYLE". When he danced there was so much magic and he inspired me as his brothers as much as Darold Johnson who is also known as "KING COBRA". Who developed snaking. If it wasn't for the Electric Bogaloo's and the Misterious Poppers I would not be the dancer that I am today. So this is just a small history of Popin' Taco and I'd like to give special thanks to: Darold Johnson, George Brown, Kent Kuffy, Bogaloo Sam, Pop N Pete, Hugo Huizar, Darnell, Ticking Wheel, Creeping Sid, Robot Dane, Ticking Decky, and of course Skeeter Rabbit. The first to see the rolling of the hands for the king tut style. And Sugar Pop and Mr. Wiggles, Shrimp and of course all the B-boys on the eastcoast like Fable, Rock Steady, Crazy Legs, and New York City Breakers. And Japan like Heiro, Oz, Cherry, Tetsu, and many more. And France like Walid, Salla, and many more. Thank you all of you for making my insperations come true. Lots of Love. I always thank Jesus Christ everyday for making this possible.